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The United Kingdom 'Wilding Series' Unused Stamp Collection

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Fantastic Opportunity to own the very first stamp designs from Queen Elizabth II's long and historic reign

On the 6th February 1952 Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne. Now over 67 years later, you can own a complete unused set of the very first definitive stamp designs that were issued during her long reign.

The very first stamps of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II were released by the Royal Mail in December 1952 and featured a magnificent portrait of the new monarch by renowned artist Dorothy Wilding. These were the first of a total of 18 definitive stamp values that would be issued during the first decade of the historic reign and that would all feature this iconic portrait of the young monarch.

Now almost 67 years after the first Wilding Definitive stamps were released, the first definitive stamp designs of Queen Elizabeth II reign remain extremely sought-after – both with stamp collectors around the world and royal enthusiasts likewise. This is especially true for the scarcer unused versions of the stamps.

The good news is that Harrington and Byrne is pleased to be able to offer you today the chance to own the historic Queen Elizabeth II Wilding Stamp Set in a luxury presentation folder for just £29 POSTFREE.  

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Country of issue: United Kingdom 

Year of issue: 1952-1960 

Perforation: Yes

Denomination: 1/2d orange, 1d ultramarine, 1&1/2d green, 2d red-brown, 2&1/2d carmine-red, 3d deep lilac, 4d ultramarine, 4&1/2d brown, 5d brown, 6d reddish purple, 7d bright green, 8d magenta, 9d bronze-green, 10d prussian blue, 11d brown-purple, 1s bistre-brown, 1s3d green, 1s6d grey-blue


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom




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