1840 Two Pence Blue Stamp
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The world’s second official postage stamp, ten times scarcer than the Penny Black

The 1840 Two Pence Blue Stamp is the world’s second official pre-paid postage stamp and was issued on 8th May 1840, just two days after the world-famous Penny Black.

The Two Penny Blue Stamp was introduced for packages weighing over half an ounce (14g), which meant they were significantly less in demand at the time than the penny stamp. As a result of this, only a fraction of the 1840 Two Pence Blue stamps were produced compared to the Penny Black – in fact less than 10% of them were originally printed.

This is one of the main factors why a fine used example of the 1840 Two Penny Blue Stamp has a catalogue price that is over double that of a comparable Penny Black. The 2015 Stanley Gibbons has a fine used example of the 1840 Two Penny Blue Stamp catalogued at £900* - this catalogue price has increased by 200% in the past 20 years.

In 1841, after less than a year in production, a new blue ink was chosen and due to its similarity to the original colour, a white line was added to the Two Pence Stamp, below the word ‘postage’ and above the words ‘two pence’.

Key Issue Information:

  • The 1840 Two Penny Blue is the world’s second ever pre-paid Postage Stamp
  • Released on 8th May 1840 for use on packages weighing over half an ounce
  • The print run was over ten times smaller than the 1840 Penny Black Stamp – due to the lack of demand at the time of issue
  • 2015 catalogue value for fine used example is £900 – 200% increase over last 20 years*
  • Used example housed in Deluxe Presentation Folder with Certificate

*2015 Stanley Gibbons Catalogue price for fine used example

Country of issue: United Kingdom

First year of issue: 1840

Perforation: None

Denomination: Two Pence


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