King George V 1929 Postal Union Congress £1 Black Stamp
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The second ever British commemorative stamp - featuring the iconic St George and the Dragon design

The 9th Postal Union Congress was held in London on 10th May 1929 and was a formal meeting of the Universal Postal Union. It was attended by representatives of most of the world’s major postal authorities. To commemorate this event, the Post Office released a series of stamps which were given as a gift to delegates of the congress.

The series included the iconic £1 black stamp, which at the time was the equivalent of an average workers weeks wage and therefore seemed very generous.

It was only the second ever British commemorative stamp to be released and is regarded as one of the most beautiful British stamps ever to be issued. The stamp was designed by Harold Nelson, the same designer who had produced the first ever commemorative issue and features the head of King George V and a unique interpretation of St George slaying the dragon.

The stamp was line engraved, recess printed and given a unique Royal Cypher watermark. Only 61,000 were ever printed, which is very low in stamp printing terms. Indeed, this compares to the 68 million stamps issued for the Penny Black!

The rarity of the £1 black stamp and its iconic status within British philately has resulted in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue value price rise of 38% over the past 20 years and is a must have for any serious collector.

Key Issue Information:

  • Only the second ever British commemorative stamp
  • Often regarded as one of the most beautiful British stamps ever to be issued
  • Extremely low print run when compared to most other stamps at the time, increasing its desirability
  • In 2015 the official Stanley Gibbons Catalogue value for fine used example of the PUC £1 black stamp has risen 38% over 20 years*
  • Housed in a Deluxe Presentation Folder with Certificate

*2015 Stanley Gibbons Catalogue price for fine used example

Country of issue: United Kingdom

First year of issue: 1929

Perforation: Yes

Denomination: One Pound


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