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1887 Queen Victoria Jubilee Stamp Collection
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Includes the first ever British ‘bi-coloured’ stamps to be issued!

In 1887 the Royal Mail released a new set of stamps that have since become known as the ‘Jubilee’ issue because they were issued during the year of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The issue would include the first ever British stamps to be printed in two colours.

A set of 14 stamps in total (although not all were issued in that first year), the initial issues would prove extremely popular in the year of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria – with her subjects keen to mark the historic royal celebrations. So much so that they are now commonly regarded as the UK’s first ever commemorative stamps – despite the fact it would be another 37 years before an official commemorative was printed.

In a reality just 10 of the values were released on the 1st January 1887. A 10d and a 4 1/2d value were later added, and finally the 1/2d and 1s values were changed in order to conform with UPU (Universal Postal Union) standards - giving Great Britain a unified set of 14 values of the 1887 Jubilee issue. The designs for the 1887 set proved were so popular they continued into the reign of King Edward VII and heralded a new era for UK postage.

The Queen Victoria Jubilee Set of stamps is an iconic issue and understandably a must have for all collectors. Due to the continued demand, over the last two decades alone the official Stanley Gibbons catalogue value for a fine used example has risen 34%.

Key Issue Information:

  • The 1887 Jubilee Collection was the first British stamps to be printed using two colours
  • A set of 14 stamps, They were the final stamp issues of Queen Victoria’s reign
  • Heralded a new era for UK postage, they are unofficially regarded as the first ever UK commemorative stamps
  • 2015 Catalogue value for complete set of fine used stamps is £442 – a rise of 34%
  • Housed in Deluxe Presentation Folder with Certificate

*2015 Stanley Gibbons Catalogue price for fine used example

Country of issue: United Kingdom

First year of issue: 1887

Perforation: Yes

Denomination: 1/2d vermilion, 1/2d green, 1&1/2d purple & green, 2d green & red, 2 & 1/2 purple on blue, 3d purple on yellow, 4d green & brown, 4 &1/2d green & red, 5d purple & blue, 6d purple on blue, 9d purple & blue, 10d purple & red, 1s green, 1s green & red


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