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Introduction to Harrington & Byrne

Harrington & Byrne has over 30 years of combined knowledge of the stamp market.  Over that time we have built personal relationships with a network of experienced dealers in both the United Kingdom and throughout the rest of the world.

Due to these long-standing relationships we are in a position to access for our customers the most coveted philatelic pieces. It is this experience that sets Harrington & Byrne apart. We use our extensive contacts to offer our customers only the most sought after stamps, using our knowledge to identify the stamps that display the characteristics that are most likely to attract long-term demand.

Dedicated Personal Account Management

Every customer of Harrington & Byrne has access to their very own dedicated personal account manager, which means that all enquiries are dealt with on an individual level.  This also enables us to give all our customers the very best service and make sure that we only discuss with them stamps that match their specific circumstances or requirements - whether they are a first time stamp buyer, a long-standing collector or a gift buyer.

And all reservations made with Harrington & Byrne are covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and sent by the Royal Mail, making sure our customers have total peace of mind for all reservations they place with us.

Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Value

Over recent years the global market for stamp collecting has grown at a rapid rate.  One of the major factors for this is because old, historic stamps are rare, difficult to source and limited in supply.  As a result, all stamps currently available on our website have experienced a significant rise in their Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Value over the past twenty years.

This overall rise in values is perhaps best illustrated by the Stanley Gibbons 250 Index, which has seen a 288% rise in the last ten years alone. Tracking the price of 250 key investment stamps, the index rise reflects the constant demand for the very best stamp issues.

This growth has been in stark contrast to other comparable markets over the same time.  For example, interest rates have remained at historic low levels for a number of years, whilst the FTSE100 has only recently reached the level it had been back in 2007 before the collapse of the banks.

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